About Us Paryatan Parv 2017

 ‘TOURISM FOR ALL’: Tourism Festival (5-25 October 2017)

The Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with other Government of India Ministries, State Governments and Stakeholders, is organizing a ‘Paryatan Parv’ (Tourism Festival) across the country, 5,-25 October 2017.  The objective is to showcase the cultural diversity of India.  It will have three components:

·         Dekho Apna Desh: To encourage overseas Indians to visit their own country for establishing institutional framework for sustainable and mutually beneficial engagement with diaspora.

·         Tourism for All: Tourism events planned at thirty sites across States in the country.

·         Tourism & Governnance: Interactive Sessions & Workshops on themes of Skill Development in Tourism, Innovation in Tourism, developing Rural Tourism, and Community Sensitization Workshops on Home stay and B&B Opportunities.

All are invited to visit India for an enriching experience!  Visas can be obtained online or through Indian Embassy in Zagreb within two days. Towards making India one of the world’s best tourist destinations!