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The second India-related installation was marked with the opening of the Art Zagreb fair (ALU Perspektiva 2) at Akademija likovnih umjetnosti, Sveučilište u Zagrebu with the inaugural speech of Ambassador Srivastava, Mr. Tomislav Buntak, Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts and Mr. Daniel Tomičić, Director of Art Zagreb. Lalit Kala Akademi has chosen five contemporary Indian artists’ artworks for display as each artist has sent 15 artworks, making it a total of 75 artworks in recognition of the year 2022 being the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence.

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The five artists' diverse range of artistic responses to reality is seen in this exhibition. Amit Kumar’s paintings are inspired by nature and the present-day environmental crisis caused by humankind. Ganesh Dhareshwar's symbolic representation of human feelings seen in his works is the visual metaphor for his narratives. Laxman Prasad is using plumb lines metaphorically to depict the balance of life. Rishi Raj Tomar feels that the rights or wrongs happening around him need to be told through his paintings as a message to society. Sayam Bharat has been working on the memories from his past – the gratified pastoral life of his community.

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