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Advisory to Indian Students

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Embassy of India
Zagreb, Croatia

Advisory to Indian students intending to study in Croatia

All Indian students intending to join universities and colleges in Croatia are advised to make necessary inquiries and consider the following before they apply for admission:

  1. Please ensure that the college/university has proper accreditation and recognition in Croatia.
  1. It is advisable that students directly approach the colleges for admission instead of applying through agents. Students must also check all the information directly from the University/college regarding duration of the course, course fee and terms and conditions regarding their student visa.
  1. It is also advisable that admission fee is deposited with the university/college directly and after obtaining Croatian visa. If some university/college insists on deposit of admission/tuition fees before appropriate visa is granted, written prior assurance may be sought from the respective university/college for refund of fees, in case the student is unable to join the institution due to unavoidable circumstances such as refusal of long-term visa. 

Advisory to Indian students studying in Croatia

The Government of India has set up the “MADAD” Portal to enable registration of Indian students in foreign countries. The data is very useful for our Government to map the profile of Indian students abroad and the courses they are pursuing and problems, if any.

Indian students based in Croatia are advised to register on MADAD at the following link:

Embassy's website : http://www.indianembassyzagreb.gov.in/   Click to MADAD on embassy's home page:

URL for MADAD : https://portal2.madad.gov.in/AppConsular/welcomeLink

Then, Click to Registration of Indian students abroad

Or, click the following link for same: 

If you have already registered, kindly update relevant information.