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Online Visa Application

Please note that the online application system for Indian visas is now in effect. Hand-written applications on the old visa form will not be accepted by the Embassy.

All applicants must complete the online application form found at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in and take a printout of the completed from. They must then apply in person at the Embassy of India, Zagreb.

Please be aware that some websites have incorporated the application form and charge a fee for filling the application. Please make sure you are filling in the form at the official web site above. There is no charge for filling the form, and all payments to the Embassy must be made in cash in Euros at the consular counter when submitting your printed application.

Applicants not ordinarily resident in Croatia and Sri Lankan nationals are required to complete an additional form. Pakistani nationals have to fill special visa application forms.

Processing Time

To the best of Embassies ability, the VISA would be issued the same working day for holders of Croatian passports.

Processing time for all other applicants (those with dual citizenship and non-Croatian passports) is seven working days.

In case of a genuine emergency when a VISA is required to be issued before the normal processing time, an Emergency Visa Fee will be charged in addition to the normal VISA fee, if the VISA is issued after working hours, on weekends or holidays. Such emergency visas will be issued only to holders of Croatian passports.

Please note that purchase of a ticket is not considered an emergency.

In the following cases processing of applications could take longer:

  • Croatian nationals holding dual nationality or of other origin
  • Applicants not resident in Croatia
  • Where clearance from India is mandatory
  • Visitors to restricted areas
  • Certain cases where documents may need to be verified

Please note that each application is examined individually and the time taken for issuing visas will vary from case to case.

Visitors to restricted/protected areas in India need special permits and for this purpose an additional form has to be completed. Please contact the Consular Section of this Embassy, if you wish to ascertain whether any of the places you intend to visit fall in the category of restricted/protected areas.

Provisions Relating to Restricted Area Permit (RAP) and Protected Area Permit (PAP)

Certain areas of some States of India have been declared to be Restricted Areas or Protected Areas by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Any foreigner proposing to visit these areas needs to have Restricted Area Permit (RAP) or Protected Area Permit (PAP), even if he may be holding a valid visa to visit India. The list of areas declared to be Protected or Restricted is liable to be changed by the Ministry of Home Affairs. For authoritative and latest information about this matter, interested persons are requested to contact the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India at www.mha.nic.in.

Also, please see the FAQs in this document. Applicants may also consult the website of the Bureau of Immigration at http://boi.gov.in/ which is an organisation under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Applicants desiring to visit Restricted Areas or Protected Areas may contact the Embassy of India, Zagreb prior to applying for visas.

Restricted area permit form