About Us General requirements

General Visa Requirements

  • Original passport valid for at least six months with at least two blank pages and must be valid for the full duration of the visa you are applying for
  • Correct visa fee
  • Two recent 5x5cm photographs, five photographs in case of Pakistani nationals, please do not paste or staple the photographs to the form (photograph must show shoulders and have a light background)
  • Duly completed and printed online application form found at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in (Pakistani nationals need to apply on special application forms)
  • Supporting documents (you can find the required documents for each type of visa here)

    Refund policy

         (a)  Refund will be accepted for the overcharge of e-Visa fee amount.

          (b) If fee is deducted from both the payment gateway (SBI and Axis) against single application id.

         (c)  In case of double deduction from the same bank, the automatic refund will be initiated by the bank concerned as per banking transaction laws.


    3. Applicant will choose to continue for initiating refund.


    Applicant will provide the following details:


                Application ID + date of birth


    If application ID not available, then

    Passport Number + nationality + date of birth to select the application ID for payment issue.


    4. Following cases may arise:

    4.1 If no record found against the selected application ID then appropriate message would be displayed “no record found against the application ID.”


    If record is found, then details of the application will be shown to the applicant. Applicant would select reason for refund from a dropdown.


    4.2 In case the selected reason belongs to the category wherein bank will automatically refund the money – The refund request will not be entertained. Such request will be stored in a separate log database.


    4.3 No payment attempt found for the provided application ID.


           In case of no payment attempt has been made by the applicant, applicant would be advised to wait for 2 hours and then re-fill the refund form.

    4.4 In case payment attempt has been found to be made for the provided application id, and e-Visa service is processed by BoI.


    The user will be informed that particular application has been processed under e-Visa service and hence fee is not refundable.


    If the applicant still intends to proceed for refund (may be due to overcharge etc), the applicant will select the reason from the list and write entire issue in the text box and submit form.


    5. No refund claim will be entertained after 3 months of such payment.