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Registration of Indian nationals on long term stay in Croatia

All Indian nationals coming to Croatia for long term stay are kindly advised to register themselves with the Embassy of India, Zagreb. The registration form can be downloaded from here and sent to: hoc.zagreb@mea.gov.in with a copy to cons.zagreb@mea.gov.in, along with copy of passport.

Consular Services

Applications for Consular services can be made  at the Embassy of India, Zagreb, which is open from 09:00 hours to 11:30 hours. All applicants for consular services are required to submit their Passport. All original documents must be submitted along with a photocopy. Application forms can either be downloaded from the website or obtained from the counter. More information on Consular Services is offered at the Embassy of India, Zagreb.

Attestation of Documents and Powers of Attorney

Any affidavit, declaration or Power of Attorney to be used in India may be attested in the Embassy. For this you need to bring the documents to be attested in original along with a photocopy, and your valid passport. You will be required to sign the documents in the presence of Embassy officials at the service counter. In the case of Powers of Attorney, you also need to bring a photograph of the Executant(s).

Registration of children eligible for Indian nationality

For a child born in Croatia to be registered as an Indian citizen the application must be made within three months of the child's birth on the prescribed form. At least one of the child's parents must be an Indian citizen at the time of applying. Along with the application please enclose passports of both parents and a full version of the birth certificate of the child. Photocopies of the birth certificate and of the first two and last two pages of the parent's passports are also required.  You also need to submit  an affidavit stating that your child has not acquired Croatian nationality and also that both the parents give their consent for issue of Indian Passport for the child.

Police clearance certificates (PCC)

1.In terms of the latest guidelines issued by Government of India, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) will be issued to all categories of applicants only after receipt of police verification from the respective Passport Office from India.

2.The above-cited police verification would be done for each and every case and may take a longer duration. Therefore, all the applicants for PCC are advised to apply at the Embassy,well ahead of time.

3.You can apply for a Police Clearance Certificate on the prescribed form along with 3 copies ofPersonal Particular Form.You are also required to submit your passport and a photocopy of the first two and last two pages of your passport. The fee for a PCC is Kuna 175.00.

Life certificates for Pensioners

To obtain a Life certificate from the Embassy, the personal appearance of the applicant is usually necessary at the Embassy. The applicant needs to bring his/her passport to establish identity. This service is Gratis for pensioners only.

Ashes/human remains certificates

The Embassy issues a certificate to enable transport of human Ashes to India. To obtain this certificate you are required to submit the deceased's death certificate, cremation certificate and a certificate from the undertaker confirming that the urn contains ashes of the deceased person. Photocopies of these documents are also required.

Consular Fee

Consular fee is required to be deposited in cash at the Embassy counter.