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Week of India in Dubrovnik

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"India Week in Dubrovnik" was celebrated from 20-26 February and presented Indian Culture , Cinema, Conversations, Costumes and Cuisine.

The 'Conversations about India' as part of the Week of "India in Dubrovnik" was opened by the Mayor of the City of Grad DubrovnikMato Frankovic together with Ms Marija Radonić, President of India-Croatia Friendship Society in Dubrovnik and Ambassador Srivastava at Lazareti on the 20 February.

"We are glad that we gathered here today to confirm the extremely good friendship and strong cooperation between Dubrovnik and India, as well as the interest of our fellow citizens in getting to know Indian culture. I believe that our ties will continue to develop and deepen in different areas in order to promote Dubrovnik in India, but also India in Dubrovnik, that is, in Croatia. There are many opportunities for cooperation, especially due to the fact that India has a huge economic and tourism potential. On this occasion, I will mention that a few years ago, an Indian film was shot and performed in Dubrovnik, which is proof that Dubrovnik is a great and at the same time indispensable world stage for shooting series and films. Thus, Dubrovnik itself became closer to India with its history and beauty," addressed the Mayor.

Ambassador Srivastava gave a speech and emphasized the importance of this week-long event aimed at getting to know valuable segments of rich Indian culture. The ceremonial opening was marked by a lecture by Swami Vivek Puri, Yoga in Daily Life system, and a short intervention by Goran Karan with the motto "India has a special place in my heart".

At the same time, a program was organized that included various conversations and workshops and the presentation of costumes and gastronomy inspired by India as part of the 5C's (Culture, Cinema, Conversations, Costumes, Cuisine).

Weblink: https://dubrovacki.slobodnadalmacija.hr/dubrovnik/zupanija/dubrovnik/svecano-otvorena-manifestacija-tjedan-indijske-kulture-u-dubrovniku-1266529?fbclid=IwAR0USRBSbpTCc-ZPhFkFJbtgMRzQgj3CEesbT3zGtzUzp3_qez2Nv8wVzts

"Conversations about India" by Goran Karan

On February 20, a program called "Conversations about India" was held. The program was attended by Swami Vivek Puri, leader of the Yoga in Everyday Life system, who also gave a lecture entitled "Sanatan Dharma Blueprint of the Universe" followed by an interview with Goran Karan with the title "India has a special place in my heart".

On February 21, with the lecture "What is yoga and what is its purpose - Introductory lecture on the path and history of yoga", held by Marija Grgurević from the holistic fitness studio Elixir Vitae - Holistički Fitness Studio about the origins of Yoga. The lecture was followed by the lecture "Purpose and practical benefits of meditation for everyday life" by Zdravko Baselli from TM Centar Dubrovnik & Društvo Hrvatsko Indijskog prijateljstva- Dubrovnik

Weblink: https://www.facebook.com/IndiainCroatia/posts/pfbid04nqUnou4RRA2oHxvcmNWRkqCtLKHBmRDeLKf7eGJ4QvvSkSeVRuSPT7q18MoaFrcl

On February 22, Ambassador Srivastava delivered a lecture at the University of Dubrovnik, on the topic "What to expect from India in the next 25 years" for the students of the University of Dubrovnik. Ambassador Srivastava expressed his satisfaction with the India-Croatia ties on all levels of cooperation, which has grown rapidly in the last few years and invited the students to explore #NewIndia in the forthcoming Cultural week of India in Dubrovnik. A video of Mr Deepak Bagla’s, (CEO of the world’s best Investment Agency as awarded by UNCTAD) address on the transformation of India taking place was also played for the students.

Weblink: https://www.facebook.com/IndiainCroatia/posts/pfbid02GNUh1EFxJYKLzGNb4JRBod86cy5NUnBMKqeMMz2tZ8hQHtEG9jg7aBdLsUHM5svgl

A report from dubrovnikTV.net showcased the week of "India in Dubrovnik" a dance spectacle held by the Bhoomika Creative Dance Centre ensemble, which presented to the audience a medley of its own contemporary, as well as traditional Indian dances whose history goes back 50 years. with the participation of Ambassador Srivastava and the President of the Indian-Croatian friendship in Dubrovnik, Marija Radonić.

Full article: https://www.dubrovniktv.net/index.php?id=3828#gVideo

Tonći šitin on Rabindranath Tagore; Stipe Božić on the Himalayas

On February 23, the historian and music critic from Split, Ph.D. Tonći šitin, held a lecture on Rabindranath Tagore entitled "All my life I have been looking for you in my poems". Then the famous alpinist Stipe Božić delivered a lecture entitled "The Himalayas - the sacred gardens of India", about his encounters with the sacred peaks of the Himalayas, which are the habitats of top Hindu deities.Ancient mythological stories tell a lot about the development and expansion of Indian culture, which in history spread to the West.

To end the week-long events, from February 24 to 26, the Visia and Sloboda cinemas in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of India in the Republic of Croatia, hosted the "Cycle of Indian Film", which featured five award-winning Indian films made in the past decade. The following movies were shown:-

Friday, February 24 (Visia cinema)

16.00 – Kahaani (2012)

19.00 – Queen (2014)

Saturday, February 25 (Sloboda cinema)

17.00 – Mary Kom (2014)

19.15 – Piku (2015)

Sunday, February 26 (Sloboda cinema)

18.00 – Bang Bang! (2014)