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75 years of India’s Independence was celebrated once again in Croatia, ICCR-sponsored 8-member Bhoomika Dance Group, led by Shri Bharat Sharma, visited Croatia from 15-23 February, 2023 and performed in four Croatian cities. The group performed in Zagreb on 17 February, in Rijeka of 18 February, in Metković on 21 February & in Dubrovnik on 22 February, 2023, bringing India closer to Croatia.

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Brief description of performances in all the four cities is enumerated below:-

Zagreb: Bhoomika Dance Group performed at Zagreb’s KNAP Theatre on 17 February.

In Rijeka: Bhoomika participated in the 40th International Carnival parade in Rijeka which was attended by over 100,000 spectators. The troupe presented glimpses of ULHAAS In celebration of Bhoomika's 50 years through joyous movements.

This was followed by evening’s programme where the troupe gave glimpses of dances created over a span of 50 years encompassing the entire range of themes, dance works, music, costumes and design elements of the dance company. The event took place at Galerija Filodrammatic Hall in Rijka on18 February.

Metković : Bhoomika’s performance took place in partnership with the Father Ante Gabrić Foundation and the City of Metković, as part of Ante Gabrić's Father's Day, in the City Cultural Center Metković on 21 February. The evening was opened by the director of the Metković Culture and Sports Institution Director Ms Zrinka Mioč, who thankedeveryone who contributed to 'Boomika' performing in Metković – ICCR, the City of Metković and the Father Ante Gabrić Foundation and Embassy of India, Zagreb.

Boomika visited Metković’s Stjepan Radić Elementary School in an event organized in the school. Director Božena Nikoletić extended a warm welcome to the guests, emphasizing that in the person of the Servant of God Ante Gabrić, we are permanently connected to India because everyone who comes from another homeland of our father Ante is our dear guest and friend. Members of the Cultural Arts Society of Metković, dancers and musicians, led by Anđeline Jerković and leader of the KUD mandolin orchestra Tomislav Herceg, showed the splendour of their talent and a piece of Croatian and Neretva folklore tradition.

Dubrovnik: The final performance of the troupe took place on 22 Febuary at Lazareti, under the protection of UNESCO - in the presence of Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik Ms. Jelka Tepšić & Ambassador Srivastava. The event showcased the essence of dances by Bhoomika created over a span of 50 years which derives from the entire range of themes, dance works, music, costumes and design elements of the dance company, which was well received by the attendees from Dubrovnik.

Bhoomika performed the following notable pieces in Croatia:-

HANS BALAKA - This dance was first choreographed by founder-director of Bhoomika, Narendra Sharma as student of Uday Shankar in Almora in 1940. It depicts the long flight of Cranes across continents – from Siberia in Russia to India, and back. This dance shows a concern for environmental preservation by the choreographer and depicts various aspects of flight, graceful movements of birds, and their gaits and habits.

On Mahashivratri, a blissful performance of Nataraj by Shubham Gangani of Bhoomika Contemporary Dance Group in Rijeka’s beautiful Filodramatica Theatre on 18 February 2023 took place.

O MAJHEE RE - Rivers, boats, oarsmen and fishermen have been much celebrated in poetry in Indian sub-continent. Choreography explores the spirit of the boatmen and their lives.

ULHAAS - Celebration of Bhoomika’s 50 years through joyous movements.

SAMAADHI - Inspired from Lord Buddha. Images, movements and design invoke a state of meditation, of intense concentration, whereby an individual abandons one’s self to get to a higher stage of being, not caring about external disturbances or attractions of life and death.

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