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A gathering of 100 business persons from Croatia in Zagreb attended the conference on “How to do Business with India” organized by India Croatia Business Club. Amb Raj Srivastava in his address explained the great transformation taking place in India based on unique strength of 4Ds of Democracy, Demography, Diversity, & Demand in India. India is the skill capital of the world with below 30 years of average age of 1.4 billion people and strong focus on skill based new education policy in India. Two panels brought out many key points for the future Croatian entrepreneurs who are entering India in near future

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Having trustworthy local partners is really important for doing business in India, as well as regularly attending conferences and trade shows.

Almost all cities in India are good places to start a business, and it is really hard to make a bad choice. Investors looking to enter the Indian market don't need to worry about choosing a specific city since every city offers excellent opportunities. India's largest cities have more people than the entire country of Croatia, and India's population is much larger than the European Union's. This means there are huge investment opportunities in India.

Investing in India pays off quickly, which makes it a great place for investors. India has many interesting business tenders and opportunities available every day, and their application process is efficient.

The Indian market is large and diverse, which may be overwhelming for Croatian companies, but there are many business opportunities. For example, Indian railways construct more than 2,500 kilometers of tracks every year (whole Croatia has the same lenght of tracks), which creates significant opportunities for Croatian companies to export to India.

India's strengths include its skilled workforce, low production costs, business-friendly policies, and open environment.

Despite a doubling in the number of issued work permits over the last two years, the Ministry of the Interior in Croatia , didn't increase the number of employees responsible for issuing them. Consequently, the process has become slow and it is causing frustration among companies.

In the current year alone, 42,000 work permits have been issued, averaging at 1,000 permits per day.

Indian workers have consistently delivered positive results for companies, and the shortage of qualified domestic workers in critical sectors such as construction and processing industry has left companies with no choice but to rely on foreign labor. In today's job market, it is no longer the companies that choose workers, but rather the workers that choose companies.

Croatia's demographic challenges are worsening, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. As a member of the EU's free market, Croatia is likely to face even more serious labor shortages. Croatia urgently needs 100,000 workers to address the growing labor deficit. The Croatian Employment Service closely monitors market trends and updates its list of occupations experiencing a shortage of skilled workers.

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