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Ambassador Srivastava's presentation of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) in India at the #SmartIndustry2023 conference of Poslovni.hr organized on 12-13 October in Grad Šibenik. Short Summary in English :

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The second day of the Smart Industry Business Journal conference, which is being held in šibenik, was opened by Raj Kumar Srivastava, India's ambassador to Croatia, who revealed the secret of the digital transformation of a country where in 2008 only 20 percent of the population had a bank account. Today, 45 percent of global digital transactions take place in India, and India's expertise in using technology to drive socio-economic development is now recognized worldwide.

India has built a digital public infrastructure (DPI) that includes a digital identification layer called Aadhar, a payment system that works as a Unified Payment Interface and data exchange platform. As the ambassador pointed out, the combination of these interventions transformed the Indian economy, boosted productivity and supported equitable growth, and India's DPI is supported by several countries and international organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund and recently the G20 India.”

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