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At the 11th CIHT Conference Crikvenica Croatia on 26 October organized by the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster, its MoU partner All India Institute of Ayurveda,& Ministry of Ayush, Government of India participated for the first time.

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During the conference, Ambassador Srivastava highlighted the importance of Yoga & Ayurveda as universal wisdom which are important to understand the meaning of human life with simple basic facts like five elements & five senses and creating balance and awareness about the body constitution for healthy living in harmony with nature. He also highlighted the importance of the human-centric governance model which has witnessing inclusive sustainable growth and efficiency in the Indian economy in the past decade including in healthcare where traditional systems are becoming household stories of daily lives reducing public expenditure on medical expenses. This movement would only accelerate in times to come and India is sharing its experience with like minded countries like in Kvarner Cluster in . He explained that once you understand the concept of Yoga & Ayurveda, the all round prevalent seminars of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, ego control, & stress reduction would not be needed and three common treatments related to- Anxiety (Vata dosha) Metabolism (Pitta dosha), & Stamina (Kapha dosha) could be done through simple natural methods of Ayurveda.

The first presentation on “Panchakarma and Skin Diseases & Ayurveda in the Management of Non – Non-communicable diseases“, by Prof. Dr. Anandaraman Sharma, All India Institute of Ayurveda, India showcased multiple case studies of successful fast treatment in a few weeks by Panchkarma of difficult & chronic skin disease patients, which are published in international healthcare journals.

The second presentation on “Yoga for Health and Wellness“ by Dr. Indranoshee Das, Director, AYUSH, Govt. of Assam, India presented the benefits of Yoga for all ages including for differently abled children as implemented in Assam.

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