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The National Unity Day of India & the 145th Bith Anniversary Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel the "Iron Man of India" was celebrated at Napredak, Zagreb in cooperation with the Croatian Indian Society on 31st October 2023 with a Seminar on Human-Centric Governance: “From Divide & Rule to Unite & Serve”.

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The keynote speech was given by former Croatian President Mr Ivo Josipović who mentioned the important lesson for the EU from the experience of unification of India under the great leadership of Sardar Patel, especially in the current times when the world divided and the EU is trying to create a unified voice.

Ambassador Srivastava mentioned the past decade's experience of India's governance under which India has moved to "Unite & Serve" where the People and environment are at the centre of focus and therefore strengthening Democracy, Demography, and Diversity.

Mr. Mislav Ježić, Indology Professor at the University of Zagreb presented an analysis of the EU and other topics while Prof. Ivan Andrijanić, Head of the Department of Indology & Far Eastern Studies, gave a presentation on the role of Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel in uniting 565 self-governing princely states for which he spent 3 years.

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