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The 45th Interliber - sajam knjiga witnessed a 2 hour long literary event "The Talk: Vikas Swarup" moderated by Croatian writer Jasen Boko. During the event in front of around 200 participants, Amb Swarup pointed out his views on his first novel "Q&A" which was translated into 50 languages and won the Prix Grand Public at the Paris Book Fair and the South African Boeke Prize. Amb Swarup mentioned that books enabled him to see the world in his childhood when he did not see the world outside of India.

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"As a child, I never set foot outside India, but books allowed me to have different experiences. Through books, we bridge differences in cultures, they open a view into the totality of human experience", he said, adding that book fairs like Interliber are "proof of the resilience and modernity of books". "Croatia is a good example of a country that values ​​reading. Interliber is an indicator of the democracy of the imagination," he said. After the event, Amb Swarup signed the books for the book lovers of Interliber. The book "Q&A" was translated by Vladimir Cvetković Sever and published by Znanje in 2023. The author's second novel "Six Suspects" was also translated into the Croatian language in 2013.

The event was attended by Ambassador Srivastava, Ms. Renata Suša, Director of the Zagreb fair (Zagrebački Velesajam), Zvonimir Čimić, Director of the publishing house Znanje and Ambassadors from the Czech Republic and Italy.

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