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Ambassador Srivastava participated at the event “Diaspora as Bridge” - Connecting Communities & Culture on the 16th November at Napredak and presented an outline of Diaspora Diplomacy, an important dimension of Human-centric Governance, Globalisation, and Growth.

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During his speech, Ambassador mentioned the positive contributions of over 40 million strong India diaspora globally in the fields of education, economy, skills, science, healthcare, innovation, culture, & spirituality. Indian Embassies abroad are home away from home for Indian diaspora. MP Ms. Zdravka Bušić highlighted the diaspora contribution to humanitarian efforts, especially in times of crisis or natural disasters positively affecting the homeland. The Indology professors Mr. Ivan Andrijanić and Mr. Mislav ježić explained the importance of India's diaspora from 2500 years back till now, including of Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas celebrations on 9 January each year since almost two decades in India and the fact that in January 2023 in 17th Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas in Indore (the cleanest city of India), among one of the 27 global awardees was Mr Joginder Singh from Croatia, who has done great work in connecting people of India and Croatia.

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