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The monthly cultural activity on Strengthening India-Croatia People-to-People Ties was held in a series of lectures and through Sojourns of Science & Spirituality with Presentations on “Scientific Sojourns to India” by Acad.

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Dražen Vikić -Topić, External Associate at Institute Ruđer Bošković; Sundarkand of Epic Ramayan” by Dr. Meenu Krishna ICCR’s Hindi Chair at the University of Zagreb, a presentation on “Photographic Sojourns to Kashmir” by the photographer Najka Mirkoviĉ, who also revealed an exhibition.; “Spiritual Sojourns into Sikhism in India” by mr.sc. Iva Mia Kruslin, Book author & Entrepreneurial activist and with welcome remarks by Joginder Singh-Nijjar, President of the Croatian Indian Society. Ambassador Srivastava highlighted that a sojourn in India is a journey to the inner self to discover India and self-realisation. The four presentations fully confirmed that idea from different standpoints of science, spirituality, literature, & photography.

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Events/Photo Gallery