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In connection with the celebration of the Vishwa Hindi Diwas (विश्व हिन्दी दिवस) 2024 with the Indology department and ICCR Sanskrit chair at the University of Zagreb a special Hindi poetry book Bharat was released. The poem collection is a presentation of 30 poems translated into Hindi from the Croatian poetry book “Slon Siroče” written by the first Ambassador of Croatia to India, Drago Štambuk.

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 In his view the Book “Bharat” will contribute to a better mutual understanding between Croatia and India, fostering his poetic insights into a friendly and civilizationally important country; bringing India and Croatia even closer together.  Ambassador Srivastava, who edited and curated the book "Bharat" expressed that these short poems revolve around the civilizational legacy of Vedic knowledge of Bharat, the secret of the universe, the values and experiences of humanity, the true nature of reality, nature, love and blissful union with the Supreme.  The book was presented in front of important contributors of the Indology department for the past decades, esteemed members of the Croatian Indian Society and many other promoters of the India-Croatia partnership.

The attendees saw the cultural performances of poetry, and dance music in Hindi from Indology students showcasing their expertise in the language and affection towards Bharat. 

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