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1st International Yoga and Ayurveda conference

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1st International Yoga and Ayurveda Conference

organised by Embassy of India, Zagreb, and Ministry of AYUSH

i. Background/Introduction:

The Embassy of India, Zagreb with the support of the Ministry of AYUSH is organizing the 1st International Conference on Yoga and Ayurveda during 3-5 October 2021. The goal of this conference is to present scientifically validated benefits and mechanisms of Yoga and Ayurveda practices, promote its application and proper validation in society, that means to ensure the optimal development and propagation of AYUSH systems of health care.

ii. Objective:

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the spotlight on the health-promotive and disease-preventive solutions of AYUSH systems of medicine. What has not come into the limelight is the emerging nation-wide trend in these systems of taking up evidence-based studies. With an increasing number of registered trials in this field, the knowledge in these traditional systems will increasingly reflect more contemporary information. This trend of evidence-based studies in the AYUSH systems holds considerable promise for the public health activities in the country-out of the studies may emerge cost-effective solutions that could be deployed on a nation-wide scale.

The preventive and health promotive aspects of Ayurveda and Yoga are very much relevant in the present scenario of the global pandemic. Research in this direction is showing very promising results. The conference intends to disseminate the strength of Ayurveda and Yoga in preventing and mitigating with such pandemics. The aim of the event is to gain acknowledgement for Ayurveda, Yoga and other Indian Traditional system of medicine in Europe. The event offers a platform where Ayurveda, Yoga experts, scientists, practitioners and professionals can come together in order to exchange their experiences and to get informed on the latest scientific findings. The experts may also share their experiences in the mitigation of COVID-19 through Ayurveda and Yoga. Over 200 participants are expected to attend the conference.

We have the pleasure of bringing a gathering of speakers, experts in the various fields of Ayurveda &, Yoga including educators, researchers and those working in their specialty fields of clinical research. We will make efforts to involve top officials or celebrities in order to increase the visibility of the conference.

iii. Outcome:

  1. Initiating discussions among experts and creating opportunities for talks and exchange on the latest scientific and best practice findings including in the area of Covid19.

  1. Raising awareness for Ayurveda, Yoga as safe and effective systems of medicine among health professionals and the general public.

  2. Presenting the potential of Ayurveda, Yoga for prevention of diseases and health promotion.

  3. Creating a Yoga and Ayurveda ecosystem will enhance further awareness together with the Mission, Yoga & Ayurveda experts from India-oriented cultural societies available locally.

iv. Theme of the Conference: „Ayurveda for Health and Wellness“.

v. About the Conference: Ayurveda is ancient science for developing full mental potential, preserving physical health and normalize life in society and whole Nature. During this Covid-19 Pandemic for many peoples, Ayurveda provides release of stress and strengthens immune system. The aim of conference is to present methods, benefits, usefulness, and application of Ayurveda for all levels of society and its implementation in the health care system.

vi. Logistical details:

  • Location: Hotel Westin, Zagreb, Crystal Hall.

  • Date: 3rd-5th October 2021.

    • DAY 0 (SUNDAY, 3rd October, 2021, open for public)

    • DAY 1 & 2 (MONDAY & TUESDAY, 4th-5th October 2021, expert sessions)

  • Entrance: free of charge (LIMITED PARTICIPANTS)
  • Language: English and Croatian (based on the decision of speaker), no translation at the event will be offered to attendees.

  • The event has no livestream.

  • COVID 19: Public events and gatherings attended by over 100 people in one place, can be attended only by persons with EU digital COVID passport. More infos: LINK


vii. Exhibition and Trade fair show:

  • Exhibition will be organized in the lobby of Hotel Westin from companies which field of expertize is in the industry related to Ayurveda and health.

  • The companies will showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services

Day 0

Date–3th October (Sunday)

2pm - 4pm - Trade fair show. International Exhibition on ingredients for home and personal care with several companies in related field (presenting the products on their exhibiton tables):

  1. Organic India Ayurveda preparations „Planet Ayurveda“, Ayurveda doctor Senka Kušer Mijić, director of Planet Ayurveda, AHA Ayurveda Academy.

  2. Ayurvedic preparations and rasayanas registered as food supplements at the Ministry of health in Croatia, Dubravko Harapin and Branko Marković, Ayurveda consultants

  3. Maharishi Ayurveda preparations“ j.d.o.o. Dubravko šalić, director

  4. JGL

  5. Quarnero

  6. Alen Jašarbašić, MESP mother earth sacred plants with natural handmade herbal products

  7. Ozzy Bio Care Ltd, India

  8. Samskrt Natural Wellbeing Pvt Ltd

  9. Centar dr. Rudolf Steiner

Sessions: 4:00pm – 6:00pm

4:00pm – 4:20pm

''Presentation of Case Studies of benefits of Ayurvedic treatments and description of treatment”, Mr. Vladimir Maruševec, Ayurveda clinic ''Prema“;



4:20pm – 4:40pm

"Biodynamically for health and vitality food production experience in Me�'imurje" Mrs. Dijana Posavec, Centar dr. Rudolf Steiner


4:40pm – 4:55pm

''Food is medicine when consumed properly“, Mrs. Deepta Nagpal, Founder and Chief Dietitian, Beyond Kilos and Inche


Summary of Presentation

4:55pm – 5:10pm

"Importance of Ayurveda and Yoga therapy for children with special needs", Mrs. Sandra Begović, CEO at GitaZen holistic center.




''Aqua Maris Thalassotherapy“ Mihaela Hrgetić, JGL.


5:30pm - 6:00pm

“Review of Clinical studies for selected herbal species of traditional Indian medicine with adaptogenic properties” research paper for Faculty of pharmacy and biochemistry, University of Zagreb, Mr spec phitophramacy Nebojša Radjenović, Ayurvedic practitioner of Detox Istria.


Summary of Presentation

6:00pm - 6:25pm

''Practical workshop: From herb to herbal preparation“, Mrs. Lejsa Jakupović, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Department of Pharmacognosy.



Talking Points


Project Ayush video

6:25pm- 6:40pm

'Pranayama and the benefits on respiratory organs', Devi Mohan, Director & Founding Member of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga.



6:40pm – 7:15pm

Panel discusion: Benefits of Yoga for all levels of society
•    Ambassador of India to Croatia, H.E. Mr. Raj Kumar Srivastava
•    Swami Vivek Puri, Mahamandaleshvar – „Yoga in daily life“ society
•    Mrs. Tina Miočić, president of the organization „Art of Living“ in Croatia
•    Dr. Manoj Nesari, Adviser (Ayurveda), Ministry of Ayush

Swami Vivek Puri – Talking Points

Mrs. Tina Miočić – Talking Points

Dr. Manoj Nesari - CV

7:15pm – 7:25pm

Cultural event with Shanti Yoga Group is performing Yoga dance, Yoga with Music.


Video – Dhanvantari

Video – Shanti Mantra

Day – I

Date – 4th October (Monday)

9 am to 09:30 am


09.30am to 10am

Inaugural Function

Welcoming speech by H.E. Mr. Raj Kumar Srivastava, Ambasador of India to Croatia.

Address by Mr. P.K. Pathak, Special Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH

Welcoming speech by H.E. Mr. Veljko Kajtazi, member of The Croatian Parliament, representative of minority populations in Croatia.

Welcoming speech Mr. Josip Pavić, Ministy of Tourism and Sports of Croatia, advisor for sport

Welcoming speech by H.E. Dr. Dragan Primorac, member of the scientific council of the Government of Croatia & Professor Emeritus at National Forensic Sciences University in India.

Adress by Dr. Manoj Nesari, Adviser (Ayurveda), Ministry of AYUSH

Adress by Mr. Svibor Jančić, member of the Assembly of the City of Zagreb.

Short break

10am to 11am

Plenary Session I - Ayurveda for Health and Wellness



i Ayurveda for longevity

ii Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine in Public Health-India’s Experience

Dr. Rama Kanta Sharma, Principal Govt. Ayurveda College, Ministry of Ayush Duration: 30 min

Dr. Manmath Manohar Gharote, Director of The Lonavla Yoga Institute

Duration: 30 min


Talking Points

11am to 11.15am

Tea Break

11:15am to 01:00 pm

Session – 1

Ayurveda for prevention and Treatment of NCDs

''Case Studies of benefits of Ayurvedic treatments''

Dr. Suresh Swarnapuri, President of Association Europe Ayurveda Academy, France

Duration – 35 min




Session – 2

Ayurveda for Health and Endurance

„Practical aproach of Ayurveda and Yoga“, Mahamandaleshwar

Swami Suryananda Saraswati Yogacharya

Amadio Bianchi Maharaj.

Duration – 35 min

Talking Points

Paper presentation by speaker

''Science and tradition of East and West as aid against

respiratory infections'' - Professor Marijana Zovko Koncic, PhD

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Department of Pharmacognosy.

Duration – 35 min




1:00pm to 2:00pm

Lunch Break

2:00pm to 3:00pm

Plenary Session II - Ayurveda for fitness



  • Ayurvedic approach to exercise and fitness

Yoga and Ayurveda for excellence in sport and fitness

Duration – 45 min.

  • Concept and scope of Ayurveda in Sports medicine

Ayurveda and sport medicine“

Duration – 15 min.

  • Dr Vyasadeva Mahanta, Associate Professor, All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), New Delhi, Ministry of Ayush

  • Dr. Inga Poje, Doctor for sport medicine, Ayurvedic doctor, master of Martial Art.




3.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Sports rehabilitation through Ayurveda and Yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda therapy – Yogacharya Jadranko Miklec, president of Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda, vicepresident of EYF

Duration – 40 min.



Talking Points

Testimony of benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda in Sports rehabilitation –

izv. prof. dr. sc. Jadranka Vlašić & Mrs. Tena Matolic, Ph.d. student from UNIVERSITY OF ZAGREB, FACULTY OF KINESIOLOGY

Duration – 20 min.


Personal Experience of Sports rehabilitation"Mr. Petar Gorša, Croatian sports shooter, competed at the 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020 Summer Olympics

Duration: 10 minutes

4.10 pm – 4.30 pm

Ceremony of issuing academy certificates for Ayurveda students of Dr. Suresh Swarnapuri, President of Association Europe Ayurveda Academy, France and with the Ambassador of India to Croatia

Day – II

5th October (Tuesday)

9:00am to 10:30am

Plenary Session III - Ayurveda for Pandemics and Disaster Management



• Understanding COVID 19

Covid management through Ayurveda and Yoga

Duration – 40 min.

  • Dr Narayanam Srikanth, Director General (I/C), CCRAS, New Delhi, Ministry of Ayush


Maintaining Mental health through Ayurveda

Duration – 30 min.

-Dr. Walter Molk, representative of Maharishi European Research University, Holland.


Talking Points

Understanding COVID 19 through Ayurveda and meditation

Duration – 20 min.

-Dr. Mladen Antišin, Ayurvedic doctor



10.30 to 10.45 am

Tea Break

10.45 to 12:30 pm

Session – 5

Strenghtening of Immune system through Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Strategies for a Strong Immune System” Mr. Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger, Secretary of European Ayurveda Medical Association (EURAMA)medical director of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center in Ried

Duration 30 min.



Session – 6

Paper presentation:

" Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology and YOGA" – Acad. Vida Demarin, Head of Department of Medical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Professor of Neurology, University of Zagreb. President of International Institute for Brain Health.

Duration 30 min.

''An Overview of AYUSH“, Dr. Rahul Jain, Research Officer (Ayurveda), Ministry of Ayush

Duration 40 min.




Keynote Speech by Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, Yoga in Daily Life

Duration: 30 minutes

01:00 to 02:00 pm

Lunch Break

02.00 to 02.20 pm

Dr. Gordana Marković „Education and application of Ayurveda in Medicine“

Duration – 20 min



Talking Points

02.20 to 02.50 pm

How to deal with COVID and post COVID symptoms with the 6 instruments of Siddha Veda as Suggested by dr. Naram Ayushakti indication Dr. Giovanni Brincivalli, Expert Pulse Reader, Medical Doctor, and Siddha-Veda Specialist

Duration 30 min


2:50 pm to 03:00 pm

HOMEOPATHY & Covid 19 Presented by Andreja Milović, CCH Center for Homeopathy SanVita



03.00 – 03.40 pm

Valedictory discusion:

Cooperation of Tradicional medicine (Ayurveda, etc.) with the Ministry of Health.

- Mr. Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger; Dr. Giovanni Brincivalli; Acad. Vida Demarin, MD, PhD, Mislav Vucic, CEO of JGL, Dr. Manoj Nesari, Ministry of AYUSH